Monday, 30 May 2011

MelosTon - Dans Spaniol ( Spanish Dance )

Music and Lyrics: Dan Barbulescu alias 'Miguel de Bardani'

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Concert at Crowne Plaza, Bucharest, May 27th, 2011

    MelosTon was invited to sing at Crowne Plaza, for the opening night of the photo exhibition: "An A to Z of Romania through the lenses of expat women". The exhibitors: a group of women tutored by Mihai Constantineanu, professional photographer. It was an interesting experience with a large audience; we met new people, big and generous applause, we felt very good.

    Kate, one of the exhibitors, says:

"    MelosTon Choral were invited to sing at the opening of the photo exhibition an A to Z journey in Romania Through the Lenses of Expat Women. This exhibition and accompanying book launch was held at the The Crowne Plaza Hotel with 250 guests attending.
    The choir performed on two occasions at the event, and their presence really added some class and gravitas to the event. They are very professional singers with a super repertoire of pieces that were a joy to listen too. It was a pleasure for all the exhibitors and guests to listen to them
Good luck at future events!
    Best wishes

    Here are several photos :

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Concert MelosTon la Calderon, 20 mai, ora 17:00

          The « Calderon » Cultural Center, situated in Bucharest, 39 Calderon Street, is a very special location: in a restored and redecorated French-style villa sited in the old part of Bucharest, the Center is the host place of many important cultural events – such as painting exhibitions, literary circles and music concerts.
          So, MelosTon proposed a choral concert to this center and we were accepted.
          The performance list consists of choral tunes about love, youth, joy of life, lively airs and humorous songs, created by Renaissance and Baroque composers: John Dowland, Clément Janequin, , Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi , J. S. Bach, Thoinot Arbeau, Hans Leo Hassler, Daniel Friderici etc., in English, French, German and Romanian.

          Please, feel free to come and enjoy a good choral music performance!
Free acces.

PS: Here is a map of the area (click on the link for easy access): . It’s very close to the University Square.

We are waiting for you !

Here are some photos from our performance at Calderon Center, May 20th, 2011:

Monday, 9 May 2011

MelosTon in action

MelosTon - Vocalize

MelosTon - Quand je bois du vin clairet (Tourdion)

MelosTon - Tanzen und Springen

Saturday, 26 March 2011

And it was Serendipity...

         On March 25th, a warm welcome in the Serendipity Teashop. A place like home. A wonderful audiences, very generous in applause.
         It was a great pleasure and honour to notice in audience two very important opera singers: Mrs Nelly Miricioiu and Ms. Marianne Cornetti ( find an excellent duet here: ). Two strong characters who never showed they had come from another world. They smiled and held close, they gave us precious advice and sang with us, we made friends. It was a unique evening for each member of the choir.
         And, as it always happens when we find a piano around, there was a delightful and moving after-party: duets as unusual and unprecedented, well-known old songs – oldies and (forever) goodies.
         We express our gratitude to all people who made us feeling the warm-heartedness of the that night. By all means we thank our families for their support. And, of course, special thanks to Alexandra Popovici.
         Here are a couple of photos from the concert :

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sound of Spring - Live concert at Serendipity Tea

"Dear friends,
We invite you to an aromatic tea to watch with the eyes of soul how music awakes nature to life.

Sound of Spring

- songs of the Renaissance and Baroque periods performed by MelosTon -

This Friday of 25th of March, 09.00 hours P.M.


        The Serendipity Teashop is honoured to host MelosTon (mixed choir, four voices SATB) for a one-evening performance: choral songs of love, youth, good cheer, humorous and vivid, lively songs.
        Works by Renaissance and Baroque composers, such as: Clément Janequin, John Dowland, Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi , J. S. Bach, Thoinot Arbeau, Hans Leo Hassler, Daniel Friderici etc. in English, French, German and Romanian.

Join us to this spring musical event.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Preparing for a new start...

        Christmas carol Yuletide is over but we will not put an end here. So, as we have already agreed, this year we are going further, to give more, to share more, to follow our dreams. This is the reason why MelosTon has started a new period of rehearsals for Secular songs.
        On February 19th, 2011, we had the first performance which proved to be a real success – a good reason for MelosTon to follow the happiness of sharing our joy of singing, our love for music and people. The performance was not a mere show, but rather a tryout for each member of the choir to confirm that our way is the right way.
        Rehearsals upon rehearsals – a reason for joy, because togetherness is priceless. When an ordinary working day is over, a simple rehearsal set us free from negative thoughts and we forget about all our problems. It is like a fresh breath in a polluted world. And the bond between us is our love for music and people.